Commercial Washroom systems, because of their design and complexity, are expensive to have installed by large dedicated firms.

Working closely with various manufacturers, we have developed  stylish low cost and affordable  washroom systems to suit any budget.

George Hannah are aiming to be one of cheapest installers of commercial washrooms for schools, hospitals and offices etc. and with these standards we are aiming to be the best

These four pictures show the basic layout of our panel system fitted in a junior school.  All pipework is concealed to give a super clean look. Both of these washrooms are finished in two tone grey / anthresite


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commercial washrooms /bathroomscommercial washrooms /bathroomscommercial washrooms /bathrooms 







These three pictures are from a school where we created a new first floor washroom at the end of the existing hallway.
A standard single sit down toilet cubicle, two urinals and two basins with temperature controlled taps make up the facilities,
Stylish dark grey tiles laid in a brickwork pattern with contrasting light grey mosaic's complete the look.

The Head mistress was so impressed with the outcome that we have been commissioned to upgrade the
rest of the toilet areas.