Welding Gases for the Hobby welder

 George Hannah is pleased to announce that we are the new main agents for 'Adams Gas' hobby welding gases in West Sussex, East Sussex, Havant & Surrey. 


Many companies and individuals in the UK use industrial gases in cylinders for production or maintenance requirements.

From figures released from major gas companies, about 20% of the available customers use 80% of the gas produced.

This leaves 80% of the total customers that these organisations trade with are described as SMALL or HOBBY USERS.

For major gas companies to make profit on any indivdual cylinder the rule of thumb is that a cylinder must be filled at least 8 times per year. For any customer that does not fit this refill minimum the company attemts to maximise the initial transaction by maximizing the price, advanced yearly rental and very high transaction charges. If the small user needs the product it leaves no option other than excepting the terms and conditions offered.

Expected charges for small users

Gas Price:  List price, no discount

Cylinder Rental: A yearly advanced rental in excess of £95 per cylinder per year

Delivery/collection: Most delivery charges are £40 or more with a collection charge of £15 if collected from depot

Distribution Costs

As the cost of fuel has increased so have the charges that the gas companies have charged to deliver cylinders. If a delivery is in excess of £40 and a customer has 10 cylinders delivered the cost per cylinder is only increased by a small percentage, but if a customer only has one cylinder the cost increases by up to 150%.


Gas companies seem to maximise prices to discourage SMALL/HOBBY USERS from using their products, but the customers have to purchase the product from somewhere.

The Adams Gas Way

All cylinders filled by Adams Gas have a cost. This is broken down into the cylinder itself, the valve and the guard plus periodic safety testing and refurbishment.

These basic costs are protected by charging a  £55 refundable deposit to protect the cylinder against loss or damage. If a cylinder is returned damaged the following charge will apply:

Damage to valve guard     £18

Damage to valve   £18

Damage to bottle   Loss of bottle deposit

Refundable deposit

The £55 deposit is fully refundable on return of a usable gas cylinder. If the cylinder is damaged in any way the charges listed above will be deducted from the refund.

The deposit is paid cash on delivery, when any customer requires a refill of product the cylinders are simply exchanged full for empty.

No customer can buy the cylinder, the cylinders are always the property of Adams Gas and only to be filled by Adams Gas.

Cylinder Liability

Adams Gas are responsible for the correct upkeep of the cylinders to include periodic safety testing, maintenance as required and cover the clinders for public liability insurance.

Product Information

C02 / Argon Mix 5 :   93% Argon, 2% Oxygen, 5% Carbon Dioxide.  MIG (MAG) welding mild steel, material thickness between 1mm - 8mm. For use on thin materials, low splatter and good weld apperance. Usable in all positions. Also suitable for pulsed arc and robotic use.

C02 / Argon Mix 20 :  78%  Argon, 2% Oxygen, 20% Carbon Dioxide.  MIG (MAG) welding mild steel, material thickness between 6mm - 14mm +. For use on thick section, not generally used for pulse arc but excellent with cored wires.

ARGON :  99.9% Argon.  MIG (MAG) welding stainless steel, material thickness 1mm - 12mm. Used for thin and medium sections, good arc control, used with or without pulse.

TIG welding stainless steel, material thickness 1mm - 8mm. For use on thin materials, this has a stable arc with easy starting. Suitable for all grades of materials.

CARBON DIOXIDE :  99.9% C02.  MIG (MAG) welding mild steel, material thickness 1mm - 14mm +. Used in dip transfer on thin and galvanised materilas, recommended for some cored wires.


C02 / Argon Mix 5 :  9 litre bottle (137 bar) £35.00 inc vat

C02 / Argon Mix 20 : 9 litre bottle (137 bar) £35.00 inc vat

ARGON :  9 litre bottle  ( 137 bar ) £56.50 inc vat

Carbon Dioxide :  3.15kg £16.80 inc vat
   :  6.35kg £22.56 inc vat

Nitrogen :  9 litre bottle (137bar) £32.60 inc vat

Oxygen : 9 litre bottle (137 bar) £35.00 inc vat

Helium : 9 litre bottle ( 137 bar) £POA inc vat
Helium Party Hire: 9 litre bottle (137bar) Includes balloon filling gas regulator  (hire only) £POA inc. vat


Delivery to all customers within the West Sussex, East Sussex, Havant & Surrey  area's  will be charged £13.99 inc vat  per visit.(No limit on bottle quantity)